The Official Anti-TikTok Order Website

Things that don't exist: ur mom

Uh oh

This page doesn't exist or was typed in wrong.


Idk if you copied the link ask the guy who sent it to you

What can I do?

You can try searching the site-map for the pages. You could also DM Dc#9535 on Discord or DCTheGamr on 3DSPaint. He should be able to help you

Site says its here but link doesn't work?

Ask DC (above) and tell him that its not working. He should fix it pretty quickly if you can point out exactly where.

What if the page is blank?

Well if the page is blank, DC just hasn't done anything to it.

Are you racist?

Yes I do indeed like Mario Kart.

Wait who is writing this anyways?

DC (he owns the website and subreddit while rocky owns the discord)

Anything Else to help me?

Not as of now. ATTU/ATTO > ATTL