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- ATTU/TPD History

Thot Police Department (2018-2021), pre ATTU

Before the ATTU, there was the TPD. It started all the way back in 2018. It eventually fell in 2021 and then the ATTU was born. I was not around when the TPD started so unless another member can help me with this, I can't provide info on the TPD other than that basic amount.

Early ATTU (2021)

I joined the ATTU in around October. I was one of the earliest ATTU members. The oldest video is still up which actually had my comment so I could join. It was pretty fun. It grew pretty fast actually.

Early-Mid 2022

This was where that the ATTU really started growing. By June 2022, it had nearly 800 members and all was seemingly good. But then things went majorly wrong

June 2022 Raiding

The ATTU had not one, but two major raids and they were almost back to back. The first kicked a ton of members but not enough to kill everything. Also deleted a lot of channels. Still was like 650 or something like that. The 2nd raid almost reset the ATTU back to square one. An admin called sopex first gave mod to someone "as a joke" and then once again it was destroyed by realMrPersonMan who then just gave up and wrote this post on the ATTU subreddit. With Draglox now, I am maybe starting to think he was somewhat right though he shouldn't have tried to kill the ATTU like that.

African Warlord Leaves

The reason this is important is because African Warlord was the one to actually start the ATTU. While I think he's still in the ATTL server, he basically doesn't have owner anymore. He no longer has a ton of time to do this sadly. As a result, he's not owner of ATTU or ATTL as of now.

Draglox and Rocky B Split

So a little while ago gestopro joined and he would do things like "Andrew Tate Top G" and had an Andrew Tate PFP, but he wasn't really breaking the rules. Draglox kicked him and rocky b re-invited. He told Draglox to not do so again. The thing was that he gave gestopro a high role so he couldn't be kicked by Draglox (no owner where it would be an issue and no extra perms, but Draglox wasn't "owner" by discord standards). Draglox made a big deal over that so he made the ATTL and decided to take most active members. After 100, I doubt he will actually grow much tbh. He basically leached off the ATTU entirely through lies.

October 2022

And here we are in 2022. I re-opened the old ATTU site and decided to do it again in part to revolt against Draglox and we are starting to work on things a tiny bit again. Its been a long time since we actually did anything major as of now sadly. Hopefully we will find a way to do things again more. Until something major is possible, I will be working on the ATTU website to the best of my abilities. Currently we are working on some basics of the site then will move on to the actual proof for why TikTok is bad. Don't worry, we have a ton to cover about TikTok. Honestly what we know might just be the tip of an entire iceberg.

10/16/2022 rocky b's ATTU Fell

Damn so it already fell huh? Kinda sucks tbh. ATTL is what we have now it seems. Currently its hard to tell who's in the right here. On one hand, the Andrew Tate PFPs aren't that bad usually. On the other hand, they may have been the downfall of the server ironically.

ATTL Rebrands to ATTU

So recently the ATTL rebranded to the ATTU again. However, I will be noting that if I ever mention ATTU, it will be named differently. rocky ATTU and Draglox ATTU. Turns out that rocky b barely didn't get banned so thats nice. He has a new discord server if anyone would like to join. Click this link here if you would like to join the new server. Its not an Anti-TikTok server, but it's still pretty good regardless.

- ATTO History

Beginning of ATTO

The ATTO was made by ATTOMasterMire as a revolt against ATTU/ATTL. This is the website you are viewing right now. As you can imagine, it would be hard with the ATTU and then ATTL to go against, but he would do ok. Overall a pretty good thing he did lmao.

ATTO Website Gets Major Updates | 11/23/2022 2:41pm

The ATTO website gets a major change to its design. New background, new layout, etc. Should make things both easier to use and nicer looking in general.

ATTO Gets Complete YT Channel | 11/28/2022 10:57pm

I finally decided to make a YouTube channel for the Anti-TikTok Order. Hope things go well and look more official instead of TDK being used.